10 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent People

     THIS PROBABLY DOESN’T COME AS A SURPRISE BASED ON THE NATURE OF WHAT WE DO HERE AT MARRIAGE365, BUT WE GET A LOT OF MESSAGES ABOUT MARITAL CONFLICT. Message after message, I see couples at odds with each other over this situation or that situation and at the root of most of these […]

18 Spring Date Ideas

     SPRING IS HERE! 🌷 There are so many things to love about spring, but some of my favorites are that the flowers are blooming, the sun will start staying up a little longer, and there are all kinds of new possibilities to connect with your fiancĂ©. Every season brings its own unique atmosphere […]

30 Questions to Build Self-Awareness

     In my opinion, self-awareness is the number one attribute that makes someone healthy. The more self-aware a person is, the better fiancĂ©, friend, parent and co-worker they are. Self-awareness starts with self-reflection. Over time, you can build self-awareness by journaling through questions and truly getting curious about who you are… and if you’re […]

10 Questions to Ask Your Valentine

     There’s definitely a spectrum when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day: I feel like people are either extremely pro Valentine’s Day where they buy gifts for their partner, plan a nice dinner date and look forward to the flowers and chocolates. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the people who hate […]

50 Questions You Must Ask Before Getting Married

     FALLING IN LOVE IS EASY, BUT STAYING IN LOVE TAKES A LOT OF COMMITMENT AND SELF-AWARENESS. Getting married will be one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life (no pressure). It signifies the love and commitment you have for each other. Getting to do life with your best friend forever…. It’s an incredible journey for […]

How to Speak so Your Fiancé Listens

     COMMUNICATION… IT’s WHAT CONNECTS US AND THERE ARE ALWAYS TWO SIDES: THE SPEAKER AND THE LISTENER.  The Speaker The truth is, many of us are looking for the approval of those closest to us on some level or another. And this is often disguised by the desire to have our partner understand what we are […]

Our Bucket List & Why You Should Have One, Too

     WE ARE THE KIND OF PEOPLE WHO ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR THE NEXT ADVENTURE. I think it’s extremely important for couples to dream together and create goals for their future. It helps build security and trust in the relationship. So we have this ever evolving bucket list we created years ago and as […]

5 Things You Need to Stop Doing

     IN ORDER TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR HABITS. THE FIRST STEP IS EVALUATING YOUR LIFE. START WITH ASKING YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS: “What in my life is working?” “What is working with my relationship with my fiancĂ©?” “What areas in my life need a change?”  After you’ve done your assessment on your life […]

35 Questions to Ask Your Fiancé Right Now

     MY HUSBAND AND I ARE COMPLETE OPPOSITES WHEN IT COMES TO CONVERSATION. I am an external processor and love to talk out loud. My husband is an internal processor and figures out almost everything in his head. This means that sometimes, in marriage, I feel like our conversations are one-sided. More accurately, I […]

How to Fix Insecurities in Your Relationship

     WE ALL HAVE INSECURITIES THAT COME FROM OUR INNER VOICE THAT TELL US… You’re not like other people. You’re a failure. You never get anything right. No one will ever love you. You’re fat. He doesn’t really care about you. You’ve got to keep him interested. You’re better off on your own. You’ll never be able to quit drinking. What’s the […]