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23 Summer Date Ideas for Engaged Couples

It’s summer time!

That means BBQs with loved ones, floating down the river, road trips and picnics at the park. The word summer instantly brings this unique feeling of freedom and a high anticipation of fun memories and recreation.

So, if summer can offer all of that to you, what can it offer for your relationship?

I can sum it up in one word… ready? Connection! Summertime has an abundance of opportunity for you and your fiancé to get connected on new levels and in new ways!

Here are some ideas to help you plan new, adventurous, romantic dates to stay connected this summer:

  • Volunteer somewhere locally together

  • Have a beach day, just the two of you! (And bring our book, 365 Connecting Questions for Engaged Couples with you.)

  • Crash a hotel pool and go night swimming

  • Get tickets to an outdoor concert

  • Buy some fireworks and light them in your backyard

  • Go for a bike ride and stop at a new place for lunch

  • Go for a hike together and pack a picnic

  • Have a breakfast date with pancakes and pajamas

  • Classic bonfire and s’mores

  • Rent the movie The Story Of Us and have some tissues handy

  • Go out for ice cream and bring a deck of cards

  • Try a new drink at your local coffee shop. Switch things up!

  • Find local happy hours and take advantage of cheaper prices

  • Look through a cook book and pick out something new to cook together

  • Plan a stay-cation! Explore your city from a tourist’s point of view and maybe find a new place to be a local regular!

  • Go shopping and buy an outfit for each other

  • Go Indoor Rock Climbing together

  • Binge watch Brené Brown videos on YouTube

  • Find a Wine or Food Tasting Tour to experience together

  • Go to an art show

  • Go to a baseball game

  • Sign up for our online pre-marital course Happily Ever After and get that strong foundation you want for your relationship

  • Go to a local street fair together (& try something new to eat!)

Whatever you do, just make sure you have fun! And if all else fails, ask some Connecting Questions.