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Our course covers 6 core topics to build a strong foundation and a healthy start in your marriage.

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How it Works

Take the Online Assessment

You and your partner take our online assessment which will help you understand your relationships greatest areas of strengths and areas where you differ.

Watch our

Each top includes a 20-30 minute from Casey and Meygan, who teach and model healthy relationship tools.

Engage with Connecting Questions

These PDF worksheets are designed to get you exploring, talking, and understanding each other at a deeper level.

Create your
Action Plan

Creative ideas on how to practically implement what you’ve watched and discussed into your relationship.

Core Topics


  • What to do when you have different money habits
  • How to get out of debt quickly and together
  • How to manage your finances as a couple
  • How to establish roles and responsibilities
  • How and why you should invest in your relationship


  • How to become emotionally healthy and self-aware
  • Discover why you respond the way you do
  • How to overcome your insecurities
  • Why you need to process past trauma before you get married
  • How to manage mental health

Conflict & Repair

  • The do’s and don’ts to fighting fair
  • How to find the balance with your differences
  • Learn the 4 steps to an authentic apology
  • How to forgive when you’ve been hurt
  • Discover a tool that will help you move past the same argument

Sex & Intimacy

  • The #1 goal for married sex
  • How to talk about your sex & intimacy in a healthy way
  • How emotional intimacy leads to more meaningful sex
  • What can you do if you have different sex drives
  • What happens when sex is introduced early on in the relationship

Family of Origin

  • How your family’s culture and behaviors impact your adulthood
  • Learn how to recognize unhealthy behaviors with family members
  • Understand how problems with the in-laws can impact your relationship
  • Creating healthy boundaries to protect your new marriage
  • Why it’s important to be aware of your fiance’s family culture


  • How to bring up difficult conversations
  • How to talk about your expectations
  • How to keep your emotional connection strong
  • Why your nonverbal communication is so important to marriage
  • How to prevent a conversation turning into an argument

Plus Bonus Material

Love for Happily Ever After