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We met in college. Fell in love. Got engaged. Planned a beautiful wedding. Went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and then… our problems began. 

We honestly believed that if we had enough love and passion, we would make it through anything that came our way. The problem was that we had zero communication skills, no idea how to talk about sex, money and in-laws and found ourselves falling into some really bad patterns early on in our marriage.

We were able to pick up the pieces and rebuild our marriage from the brink of divorce and are now teaching millions of couples worldwide how to have their Happily Ever After.

We are just like any other couple. We get stubborn, we laugh, we cry, we believe in love and we have found some incredible tools that actually work wonders in relationships!

Casey is a top-rated wedding officiant in Southern California and has been part of more than 650 weddings. Meygan is a life coach and passionate about mentoring women and couples. Together, Casey and Meygan co-founded Marriage365, a non-profit dedicated to providing resources to couples, no matter what state their marriage is in. They’ve been married for 15 years, have two children and find any excuse to go to the beach or play cards.