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35 Questions to Ask Your Fiancé Right Now


I am an external processor and love to talk out loud. My husband is an internal processor and figures out almost everything in his head. This means that sometimes, in marriage, I feel like our conversations are one-sided. More accurately, I feel like he doesn’t want to share with me, when in reality he knows what is and what is not worth sharing out loud.


I have found that if I ask my husband pointed and direct questions he is happy to share and I feel like we are connecting on a deeper level. Here are 35 Connecting Questions to ask your fiancé right now to help facilitate that deeper conversation that you’re looking for:

  1. What is your idea of a romantic night with me?

  2. What are you currently afraid of?

  3. How can I help you face your fears?

  4. Is our relationship on track to still be in love in 10, 15, 20 years? If not, what can we do differently now to set us up to have (and keep) our happily ever after?

  5. When you look at me do you see a fiancé who deeply loves you? Why or why not?

  6. Is there anything you have asked me to do that I have neglected?

  7. Would you like a massage?

  8. Am I a safe person for you to talk to?

  9. What are your current goals?

  10. How can I encourage you toward your goals?

  11. Is there anything I can take off your plate to lighten your load?

  12. How often do you think about sex?

  13. If you had two hours alone with no interruptions, what would you do with the time?

  14. What can I take off your plate so that you can have those two hours to do that?

  15. What has been bothering you most about me lately?

  16. What has been impressing you most about me lately?

  17. How can I be more present in our relationship?

  18. Is there anything you are afraid to say to me that we could talk about openly right now?

  19. Is there anything you’re feeling anxious about?

  20. Is there anything holding you back from attempting something that you have been wanting to try?

  21. Can I bring you a coffee to work tomorrow?

  22. What is something you wish I would ask you more often?

  23. What night this week can I make dinner for you and what sounds good?

  24. Do you feel that I do well at meeting your needs?

  25. Do I hug, kiss, and touch you enough?

  26. Do you feel like you can count on me?

  27. Do you believe we are compatible? If not, how can we be better?

  28. What can I do this week to make you feel loved and appreciated?

  29. When you look at our life together, does it feel fulfilling or lacking? Why?

  30. If I were to die suddenly today, what is one thing you would want me to know?

  31. In your opinion, are we spending our money on the things we should be?

  32. In your opinion, are we investing our time in the things we should be?

  33. Do you feel like I am helping enough with the wedding planning? Is there anything I can   Do to relieve any wedding planning stress?

  34. Do I tell you “I love you” enough?

  35. If we were to randomly meet another engaged couple, would they walk away from that first interaction with us knowing 100% for sure that we are in love and secure in our love for each other?

If you want to engage more with your fiancé who is an internal processor, be sure to check out our book 365 Connecting Questions for Engaged Couples. By simply asking each other the open-ended questions we give you, you will feel more in love, more connection and more listened to. 

Written by Anna Collins
Anna Collins lives in sunny Southern California with her husband and four children. She is passionate about her marriage, staying at home with her kids, writing, coffee, good conversation, and game night. Her life dream is to someday write a book and see it published.