What our Divorced followers wish they had done differently

     UNFORTUNATELY, AFTER A RELATIONSHIP ENDS IS TYPICALLY THE TIME YOU START TO GAIN SOME PERSPECTIVE. HINDSIGHT IS 20/20, RIGHT? It is much easier, once it’s all over, to look back and reflect on what went wrong, what went right (if anything at all), and discover what your part was in the marriage failing. […]

50 Questions You Must Ask Before Getting Married

     FALLING IN LOVE IS EASY, BUT STAYING IN LOVE TAKES A LOT OF COMMITMENT AND SELF-AWARENESS. Getting married will be one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life (no pressure). It signifies the love and commitment you have for each other. Getting to do life with your best friend forever…. It’s an incredible journey for […]

How to Speak so Your Fiancé Listens

     COMMUNICATION… IT’s WHAT CONNECTS US AND THERE ARE ALWAYS TWO SIDES: THE SPEAKER AND THE LISTENER.  The Speaker The truth is, many of us are looking for the approval of those closest to us on some level or another. And this is often disguised by the desire to have our partner understand what we are […]

Our Bucket List & Why You Should Have One, Too

     WE ARE THE KIND OF PEOPLE WHO ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR THE NEXT ADVENTURE. I think it’s extremely important for couples to dream together and create goals for their future. It helps build security and trust in the relationship. So we have this ever evolving bucket list we created years ago and as […]

35 Questions to Ask Your Fiancé Right Now

     MY HUSBAND AND I ARE COMPLETE OPPOSITES WHEN IT COMES TO CONVERSATION. I am an external processor and love to talk out loud. My husband is an internal processor and figures out almost everything in his head. This means that sometimes, in marriage, I feel like our conversations are one-sided. More accurately, I […]

27 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Angry

  Photo by Alphacolor 13 on Unsplash    Did you know that anger is actually a secondary emotion? This means that at the core of everything you’re feeling, your anger isn’t actually the “main event”, it’s just a B-list-body-guard who showed up to the party to protect us from whatever that “main event” emotion is. […]

37 Road Trip Questions for Couples

     DID SOMEONE SAY ROAD TRIP?! 🚗 Driving, especially if it’s a longer trip, is one of the best times to have a good conversation with your fiancé. Going through these questions will help you make new memories while sharing some laughs. Who knows, you might even learn something new about each other. Would […]

18 Warning Signs of a Troubled Relationship

     Every divorced client I have sat down with has said the same exact thing: “I saw the red flags and ignored them. If I could go back, I would.” Warning signs are something to pay attention to, even if it means postponing your wedding. If you’re seeing some of the following warning signs […]

11 Funny Texts to Send to Your Fiancé

     Texting is such a great way to stay connected while being apart form your fiancé and adding some humor will bring an even bigger smile to their face when they read your text!  Here are 11 funny texts to send when they need a little pick me up, or if you’re looking to be cheesy and a […]

5 Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas They’ll Love

     Wedding presents bring so much JOY! It is so fun to pick out the perfect gift for a couple you love that’s getting married just to show them you’re happy for them and are excited for their new life together! In fact, opening all the gorgeously wrapped presents the day after our wedding […]