Photo by Alphacolor 13 on Unsplash

Photo by Alphacolor 13 on Unsplash


Did you know that anger is actually a secondary emotion? This means that at the core of everything you’re feeling, your anger isn’t actually the “main event”, it’s just a B-list-body-guard who showed up to the party to protect us from whatever that “main event” emotion is. Sure, it can be a raging-monster-beast that can be very hard to control, but it’s not the root of what’s going on. So, what is?

Well… the moment you find yourself consumed with anger, “What’s going on?” is the big question you are now on a mission to find out. The good news is that you’re not alone! In fact, people all over the globe are struggling with this beast-monster of anger and are trying to figure out what lies beneath the mask of it. I’ve been there, I’m actually there right now, and I know how confusing it can be.


The healthiest individuals take time to process what they’re feeling and thinking, even if they’re angry. Learn how to handle and relieve your anger before you get married so this doesn’t become a pattern in your life. Take a moment, sit down, and work through it. I promise you’ll feel better, even if you won’t find the answer right away.

Written by Anna Collins
Anna Collins lives in sunny Southern California with her husband and two children. She is passionate about her marriage, staying at home with her kids, writing, coffee, good conversation, and game night. Her life dream is to someday write a book and see it published.