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7 New Year’s Resolutions for Engaged Couples

It’s amazing how many people commit to bettering themselves going into the new year. Not sure if this is the 28th post about resolutions you’ve read, but we’d like to persuade you to make a better you for a better marriage going into the new year.


Focus on building your friendship

This will always be at the top of our list because research has proven that couples who focus on their friendship stay together. Stop what you are doing, pencil in 2 or 3 date nights for January in your calendar. Don’t just go to the movies, but plan a date night where you can connect. Talk about your dreams, inspirations, goals, and fears. Where do you see yourself in 10 years, 20 years? What was your favorite memory when you were dating? What was your high or low through the day? What was your favorite memory from 2018?

Turn off the TV – at least twice a week

We know, we know, this is hard for some of you, but watching TV next to each other does not count as spending quality time together. Turn off the tube and spend time connecting and asking questions from our book.

Write Gratitude Letters

This one’s pretty straightforward: send a hand-written letter to someone you love and appreciate each month. By the end of the year, you will have sent 12 different people in your life a letter that will have a positive impact on them, more than you’ll even know.

The 60-Second Blessing

This was the most life-changing habit we have incorporated into our marriage. Because we know that words have the power to give life or cause pain, this simple and quick exercise will quickly put your relationship on each others radar. You take turns expressing your love and appreciation for one another – it’s that simple. You can watch how it works here!

Listen more

We all are guilty of listening to respond rather than to understand and we live in a world where we often try to fix, minimize, judge and ignore what people say. So make it a goal to listen when your fiancé is speaking to you. Spend time validating what they’re sharing with you and watch the intimacy in your relationship grow.

Be more positive online

What you post is for the world to see and we’ve all been guilty of posting something “in the moment” and then later regretting it. The internet is an incredible resource but let’s all try to be more positive and less negative. Also, a little bonus tip: people gossip and make assumptions when they see things online. So never air your dirty laundry on social media. Tell a safe friend, or better yet, your fiancé instead.

Work on becoming more self-aware

The healthiest marriages have two self-aware individuals who are always looking to be better than they were yesterday. Spending time processing your emotions, career choices, relationships, and even your own attitude will give you the confidence and awareness needed to make a healthy marriage.

Bonus tip

A great New Year’s Resolution is to sign up for our online premarital course Happily Ever After. Prepare for the most important relationship you’ll ever have… your marriage!