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5 Healthy Habits of Brides

Women can be catty, insecure, jealous and gossipy, but this world needs more women who are compassionate, confident, self-aware and loving.

I love seeing women become the healthiest version of themselves, physically and emotionally. So I put together a list of my favorite “quick wins” that will actually cause your heart to change and create healthy new habits in your life BEFORE you say I do. Here we go:

Be more positive online.

What you post is for the world to see and we’ve all been guilty of posting something “in the moment” and then later regretting it. The internet is an incredible resource but let’s all try to be more positive and less negative. Also, a little bonus tip: people gossip and make assumptions when they see things online. So never air your dirty laundry on social media. Tell a safe friend instead in private!

Get rid of the friends that are toxic.

Ouch, Meygan! is what some of you are thinking, but you cannot surround yourself with people who manipulate, gossip, judge and criticize you. Instead, lean on the friends that are compassionate, safe, vulnerable and will always be there for you. This should also be int he back of your mind when choosing your bridesmaids.

Switch one thing in your diet.

For example: If you love soda, replace it with sparkling water. If you love chips, replace it with banana or plantain chips. It’s incredible how one small change will help you feel better when it comes to food and drinks. So if you’re wanting to look smoking hot in your wedding dress, start with baby steps and since we know that our food is our fuel, choose wisely.

Donate items you never use.

One person’s junk is another person’s treasure! So if you have some old clothes that you haven’t worn in years, donate them. If your house is cluttered, it’s more to clean, more to manage, and more to think about. Less is more when it comes to having things and having a long lasting marriage is what really matters most, right?

Write gratitude letters.

Basically, you send a hand-written letter to someone you love and appreciate each month. By the end of the year, you will have sent 12 different people in your life a letter that will have a positive impact on them, more than you’ll even know. Start with writing your fiancé a letter and remind them how grateful you are for them. You have no idea how much positive words can impact ones life.

The most secure and healthy women I know make the most beautiful brides so be sure to take some time away from the wedding planning and so some self-care.

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