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6 Phrases to Say to Your Fiancé

Our words have power and they can either hurt or heal.

While they can lift and build people up they can also tear them down reeking destruction. There is a saying that “people will forget what you did but they won’t forget how you made them feel.” Our words have the ability to bring out various emotions and feelings, and even after apologies have been said and a request for forgiveness made, the memory rarely fades.

The reality is, when it comes to what you say, people don’t forget.  And some people will remind you of what you said long after the words fall from your lips. While words like NEVER, ALWAYS, and STUPID are not ok… ever, these phrases below will breathe life into your relationship the minute you say them.

You are my best friend.

Great marriages are made up of two friends who respect and love each other, faults in all. Your best friend is someone you want to be with and care for when times get tough.

Thank you.

It’s common courtesy  to say thank you but somehow we stop saying it especially for the little things like making dinner or taking out the trash. Saying thank you shows appreciation and that you have a heart of gratitude.

I’m sorry.

If you’ve made a mistake, fess up and be quick to apologize. I’m sorry shows that your relationship matters more than your ego.

What do you think?

Asking for your finance’s opinion shows that you value their ideas.

I’m proud of you.

We all want people to be proud of us, especially our partner. This one simple phrase will give them the peace of mind and the energy that they need to keep going.

We are in this together.

You need to be your partner’s cheerleader at all times. They need to know that you’re on the same team, fighting for them, not against them.

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