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Holidays & Happily Ever After – 3 Tips for Engaged Couples

We got engaged on November 1st (many, many years ago) and by the time the holidays arrived, every family member and friend wanted to spend time with us.

As much as we were excited to share our engagement story and wedding plans, we found ourselves completely exhausted and overwhelmed. We had given everyone else our best and each other our worst. We look back and regret how we spent our first holiday season together as an engaged couple and want to save you from the exhaustion we experienced.


Create your own traditions.

You don’t have to do everything exactly like your parents or future in-laws do, even if you’re celebrating the holidays with them. It’s important to create traditions unique to your relationship that you can do on your own. Consider having a special tradition just for you and your fiancé to share!

Set a realistic holiday budget.

Set a realistic budget to keep you from feeling financial stress that puts more pressure on your relationship. I’m assuming that the cost of your upcoming wedding and honeymoon are probably making you both feel overwhelmed already, so don’t add Christmas presents to your list. There are thousands of possibilities for homemade or inexpensive gifts that don’t have to cost anything, so get creative! Check out our gift guide for some unique ideas.

Schedule time to talk.

In the busyness that November and December bring, good conversation usually takes a back seat. Mark it on your calendar and schedule some time to have heart-to-heart conversations with your fiancé. Make sure you’re setting aside uninterrupted time to talk about your dreams, goals, feelings and the upcoming honeymoon. Here are some holiday questions to get you started:

  • How would you describe a perfect Christmas day?

  • How did your parents celebrate the holidays?

  • If you had an extra $500 to spend this Christmas, what would you buy?

  • Are there any of my family members you would rather not spend the holidays with? If so why?

  • Is there anything about the holidays that makes you feel anxious and stressed?

  • What is a new tradition we should start incorporating during the holidays?

To get more questions like these, check out our book 365 Connecting Questions for Engaged Couples!