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6 Tips on Surviving and Thriving in a Long Distance Relationship

RELATIONSHIPS ARE A WILD AND CHALLENGING JOURNEY ALL ON THEIR OWN. So it makes sense that, no matter the reason, when you add ‘long-distance’ into the mix, you find yourself up against some real “make it or break it” scenarios. Whether your partner is in the military, travels a lot for work, or is pursuing […]

What Our Divorced Followers Wish They Had Done Differently

UNFORTUNATELY, AFTER A RELATIONSHIP ENDS IS TYPICALLY THE TIME YOU START TO GAIN SOME PERSPECTIVE. HINDSIGHT IS 20/20, RIGHT? It is much easier, once it’s all over, to look back and reflect on what went wrong, what went right (if anything at all), and discover what your part was in the marriage failing. Honestly, asking […]

The Best Present for the Engaged Couple in Your Life

What better gift could you give your newly engaged friends or family than their very own “Happily Ever After”?! We sure can’t think of any! 😜 A few years ago, after some time working with couples, we realized that there was a certain “intimidation factor” when people hear the phrase “premarital counseling”. So, in response,  […]

27 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Angry

Did you know that anger is actually a secondary emotion? This means that at the core of everything you’re feeling, your anger isn’t actually the “main event”, it’s just a B-list-body-guard who showed up to the party to protect us from whatever that “main event” emotion is. Sure, it can be a raging-monster-beast that can […]

18 Warning Signs of a Troubled Relationship

Every divorced client I have sat down with has said the same exact thing: “I saw the red flags and ignored them. If I could go back, I would.” Warning signs are something to pay attention to, even if it means postponing your wedding. If you’re seeing some of the following warning signs in your […]

18 Texts To Say “I’m Sorry”

Maybe you were harsh with your words. Maybe all of the wedding planning got you and you blew up. Or maybe you’re feeling stressed because of work. Whatever the reason is, we all say and do stupid things that hurt our partner. While it’s important to give a formal apology in person when you’ve messed […]

How To Fight So You Both Win

THINK ABOUT THE LAST DISAGREEMENT YOU AND YOUR FIANCÉ HAD. Are you proud of the way you handled it? Conflict is an unavoidable part of all relationships, especially marriage and it is important to approach each disagreement as a team with an arsenal of tools and resources so that you both win. Come at disagreements […]

How Toxic People Can Harm Your Marriage

Toxic people can do major damage to your life. It’s not that the whole person is toxic. Rather, their behavior is toxic or your relationship with the person is toxic. Many toxic people will use you to make themselves feel better and most likely don’t know how to love and treat others. Toxic people often have a lot of […]

10 Tips for Dealing With Your In-Laws

When you marry your fiancé, you’re marrying their parents… like it or not. And if you plan on going the distance in marriage, which we hope you will, then you are stuck with them forever too. We’ve heard reports of families with healthy relationships on both sides, a rare case indeed and if that is use, […]