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18 Spring Date Ideas

SPRING IS HERE! 🌷 There are so many things to love about spring, but some of my favorites are that the flowers are blooming, the sun will start staying up a little longer, and there are all kinds of new possibilities to connect with your fiancé. Every season brings its own unique atmosphere and we […]

32 Winter Date Ideas

It’s time to put the wedding planning on pause and spend some quality time with your fiancé. Just you two, connecting, talking, laughing and not talking about the wedding. I love the wintertime because the weather is cooler, the hot cocoa is hot, and the possibilities for falling even more in love with your fiancé […]

5 Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas They’ll Love

Wedding presents bring so much JOY! It is so fun to pick out the perfect gift for a couple you love that’s getting married just to show them you’re happy for them and are excited for their new life together! In fact, opening all the gorgeously wrapped presents the day after our wedding is still […]

23 Ways to Immediately Connect with Your Fiancé

In relationships, disconnect happens. I would like to say disconnect never happens, but that’s unrealistic. We get selfish, we get busy with the wedding planning, we mishandle and misplace our priorities, we say hurtful things, and we do things that imperfect people do because we are imperfect. We end up distant, if for a moment, […]

30 Holiday Questions to Ask your Fiancé

The holiday season can sometimes be cliché with all the pictures of cute boots and pumpkin spice lattes. Even so, I want to encourage you to embrace fall and the holidays to come with your other half. Take some time to step away from the potential holiday stress, and the wedding planning, to come and […]

25 Fall Date Ideas

FALL IS HERE! IT’S HERE! 🍂😍 Doesn’t this season just scream cuddle time? Maybe it’s the leaves changing, the weather getting cooler, the smells of pumpkin and cinnamon everywhere you go, but whatever the reason is, there’s no better time to go on a date with your fiancé than in the fall. NEED SOME FALL DATE […]

23 Summer Date Ideas for Engaged Couples

It’s summer time! That means BBQs with loved ones, floating down the river, road trips and picnics at the park. The word summer instantly brings this unique feeling of freedom and a high anticipation of fun memories and recreation. So, if summer can offer all of that to you, what can it offer for your […]

5 Tips for Engaged Couples

Congratulations! You’re engaged to the love of your life. Now what? Being engaged is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and also stressful times in a couple’s life. Wedding planning is in full swing and the anticipation of what is to come is high. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your big […]

4 Ways To Stay in Love While Planning a Wedding

When you get engaged there is magic in the air; emotions and romance are at an all-time high. You and your fiancé begin to dream about the future and where life will take you as you join your lives together. The magic and butterflies encase you and it feels like life couldn’t be any sweeter… […]

5 Healthy Habits of Engaged Couples

The ceremony? Check. ✔︎ The flowers? Check. ✔︎ The honeymoon? Check. ✔︎ The guest list? Check. ✔︎ The wedding registry? Check. ✔︎ The marriage? Wait… what?  As a marriage coach, please hear me on this. The best time to create healthy habits for your marriage is when you’re engaged! The smartest couples know that marriage is amazing but also requires some effort. […]